Do I need to be flexible? No. Fitness and flexibility are not a pre-requisite for starting yoga. While the classes are quite active, they can be tailored to different fitness levels and regular attendance will see an improvement in strength, stamina and flexibility.

What style of yoga do you teach at Great Western Yoga? We use the Knoff method, a blend of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga which follows a set sequence of poses to ensure a well rounded practice.

What should I bring to the class? Bring your own mat (or use one of ours), some water, a towel and your class fee.

Can I attend classes if I have an injury or medical condition? Yes. Specific asanas and postures can be modified and adapted to suit people with a pre-existing injury or medical condition. Please discuss your history with the teacher before class.

Can I attend classes if I’m pregnant?
Yes. We welcome pregnant class members and request they notify the teacher before class.
How do your classes operate?
Our classes run in 10 week terms throughout the year. Your pass allows you unlimited classes throughout that 10 week term.
Do you run classes on public holidays?
There are no classes running on public holidays.